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Pet Cremation Urns & Jewelry

Human Cremation Urns & Jewelry
custom handcrafted by

"The Felicitous Fat Cat" 



"In this life, special souls cross our path...

and their memory remains in our heart for eternity."


I had the most wonderful opportunity to share in the life of an amazing pet.
His name was Fat Cat.
In April of 1998 he was diagnosed with terminal cancer,
and in May, it was apparent to me that it was his time to go on to another journey.
This kitty was EVERYTHING to me!  He was my friend, my companion, my baby.
After his passing, I felt the need to keep him near, so I chose cremation.
I wanted to find a very special urn in which to store his ashes, but a friend suggested I design it myself.  
I am a stained glass artist,
and from this suggestion was born the idea to create a special  urn worthy of my buddy.
The result was a beautiful piece of remembrance art,
and the inspiration to create custom designed stained glass cremation urns for others.

Iíve created urns in many sizes to accommodate the tiniest to the largest. 
And as my work has evolved,  I've entered into honoring our human companions as well.

Events in a person's life can lead to a path one follows.
I feel this happened in my life.
Through the loss of my dearest pet friend,
I was presented an opportunity to share my talent,
and I hope that it provides comfort, beauty, serenity , and a special honoring,
with others who have lost loved ones  who've meant the world to them.
Our connection with each other
and the support of loved ones is an essential part in this process.



I've been on the web since 1998, due to a friend who created my first personal web page in tribute to Fat Cat.  That site is now a tribute to her, since she left this world in 1999.


For more information about any of my creations, please contact me at


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