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Angels & Affirmation



I believe that our babies watch over us and make themselves evident from time to time - from little coincidences to synchronicities that just can't be explained.  I make these angels to remind us of the power of the spirit. 




These are small hanging angels with various metal embellishments and genuine Austrian Crystal  beads.  

Approx 4" x 4"

Spirit Angel
Clear textured glass with metal accents.
(Accent Color shown above in Copper)

Accent Colors


Eternity Angel
Wings are clear textured glass.  Choose body in either mirrored or clear textured glass.
Can be coordinated with urns. 
See choices in Color Selection page
(Shown above in Dark Blue mirrored)

Color (mirrored glass)

Color (clear textured glass)


Angel Pins: 

Cat, Dog, Horse, etc. :  (please ask if interested other animals)
Approx. 1" x 3/4" 





Memory Angel:

Banner is hand-lettered with name and dates.  Metal filigree accents and genuine Austrian Crystal adorn this angel.

Approx. 7" x 6 "

Wings are clear textured glass.  Choose body in either mirrored or clear textured glass.
Can be made to coordinate with urn.
See choices in Color Selection page
(Shown above in Pale Pink)


Color (mirrored glass)

Color (clear textured glass)


Angel Window-Frame Panel:

This all hand-crafted stained glass window has a center cutout.  A loop is embedded at the center top of the cutout, and can be used to hang a small plant, crystal, star, heart, or favorite memorabilia from your loved one.  Some clients have used this area to suspend small containers of cremains.  Use your imagination and the possibilities become endless. 

Approx. 17" x 18"




I believe that you can't get enough of positive energy and influences. 

These are little sayings I've come across that put attention on the positives of life.  They are meant to be helpful in getting through this process, and to lift your spirit. 

I start with a ceramic tile and superimpose various nature scenes.  Each has an inspirational saying.  They are meant to be placed in obvious places where one can see them as much as possible, and to facilitate the flow of constructive energies. 


Affirmations Choices:  (If you have a saying that you would prefer to use, please ask.)

  •   1.  "Sometimes in Life,  a Special Soul Crosses One's Path..."

  •   2.  "Always Dream Magic"  

  •   3.  "Stay in Balance and the Rest Will Follow"

  •   4.  "Celebrate Today"

  •   5.  "We can Choose to be Joyful"

  •   6.  "Dream, Believe, Become"

Nature Picture Choices:

1    2     3    4 

$ 20 each

Affirmation Saying
Affirmation Picture


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