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Can be designed for our human and pet loved ones.  See Prices & Ordering





Each stained glass urn is signed & dated, and offers ways to personalize. 

(For sizes and pricing see Pricing & Ordering  page) 

Styles Available:

To see variations of color and style of each urn style, please see the "Testimonials" page or click here. 


Traditional Style

This style was the first to be designed - for my angel, Fat Cat. The mirrored glass base, which is private and not see-through, holds the cremains (Dark Green pictured here). I included a tiny crystal heart to signify how much he will always be in my heart. I adorned the top of the urn with the symbol of a flame, which signifies the eternal glow of our spirits. This top may be removed and a tea light placed inside that can be lit in remembrance of your love one.



Different urn styles and than the ones shown above and/or decorations to the urn styles not available in the order section,  are developed by consulting with clients to achieve a uniquely personalized urn.  Please choose "Custom Consult" on the "Prices & Ordering" page, or click here -  Custom Consult   In addition, many other non-mirrored colors can be ordered.  This also comes under the category of a "custom consult".  Please communicate your ideas to me of what you are looking for.  Together we will build a design that, at the end of the process, will produce a one-of-a-kind, uniquely personalized urn, and will not only be a tribute to your loved, but serve as a beautiful piece of functional art, as well. 

**See Prices & Ordering Page to Place an Order**





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