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Below are samplings of the comments I regularly receive upon completion and delivery of my clients' work: 

Most recent: 







Althea the Potbelly Pig

This urn and suncatcher was commissioned to honor a special soul, who is dearly missed by her Mom.



Althea and her "milk mustache". 



And this is what I recieved from the clicent:

I NEEDED to send this to you tonite...........  I'm not sure if you can click on it   (David's picture)  and make it larger to see the  emotion on David's face.  It was heart wrenching, to say the least.  The urn is absolutely gorgeous and is a perfect place for it to be.  Althea is at home now.  "






Another Tribute to

Kathy Delong     a fellow stained glass artist. 
To read more about how this got started   click  (Karen - Jopi)

For this urn, I was again contacted by a former client of Kathy Delong.   And again, the client (Luann) asked if I would be willing to work with her in creating an urn for her Gypsi,  based on Kathy's work..  Kathy had made an urn for another one of Luann's baby's, Haley.  And again, I wholeheartedly embraced the challenge.  This was the outcome...


"Sharon, Gypsi’s urn is beautiful.  It really looks like water.  I love it.  Thank you so much for giving her a beautiful place to rest."



Gypsi's Urn  - Sharon Long



  Lizzy's Urn  - Kathy Delong



Honoring Sonny

"Well ....I finally have made it home with Sonny's beautiful urn this evening!!!!   It is just amazing Sharon!!!  The glasses are beautiful and just love the charm....heck I'd love one just like it to wear!!!  Thank you so much for all of your creative and hard work!!!!  You have really captured Sonny's qualities in your work.

Sonny - Sun Sun...




In Honor of Keia:

"It turned out beautifully, thank you so much! 
I hope to order a larger one for my Nino, the cat that originally led me to your site yrs ago. 

Take Care and Many many thanks"





Sallie McNallie:




Honoring Novena:




My new Aussie friends:


Hi Sharon , Sorry for our late reply in getting back to you,
we have attached a couple of photos of us with Coco’s urn,
which we hope helps you put some faces to the
names you have been dealing with over. It sits on our coffee table in front of
the window where during the day the sun shines through the window which is nice.

I doubt we can ever find the right words to express our sincere thanks for the
wonderful job you did creating our special memorial for our beautiful
girl “Coco”.

As you know, Coco was everything to us and we are so relieved she finally has
such as beautiful resting place where she will always be close to us, where we
can constantly be reminded of her and where she will never be in the dark.

Between us we have managed to capture the very essence of her beauty and spirit.

From the very beginning, from our initial enquiry to you, to the finish, you
have been an absolute pleasure to deal with Sharon. Your compassion,
professionalism, attention to detail and love for what you do has really shone
through and we can’t sing your praises enough.

Thank you again for allowing us to talk and remember the endearing qualities
that were Coco, as it has all been part of the healing process, though we doubt
we will ever fully recover from the loss of that little dog, nor will anyone
else ever again live up to her.

Sharon your work is truly inspirational. It represents the common love we share
for the special friends in our lives. It transcends all boundaries regardless
of where we live in the world to remind us that we are all united by spirit and
the love we feel for them.

We would love nothing more than for you to use this message should you so
desire as our testimonial to your wonderful work.

Your very grateful “Aussie” friends
Di & Jess







Marlene from PA - little did we know that we have so very much in common -  not only in the way we feel about our babes, but so many coincidences as to where we are both from.  A one in a million twist of fate connected us.

Marlene wrote on Facebook:

 "From the first phone call from Sharon, I knew that our sweet Guinness was in capable, empathetic and caring hands. Sharon made this horrific time easier for us. Her kindness and compassion were, and still are, exemplary."

"Sharon was able to walk us through the entire process and we knew, without a doubt, that the urn we had chosen was going to be just beautiful. Once we received the urn, you cannot imagine the happiness we felt. The urn was beyond our wildest dreams and expectations; Guinness truly has a beautiful forever resting place. His urn stands proudly on an antique piece of furniture that an be seen by all as soon as you enter our home. Although taken from us much too young, Guinness now is resting peacefully in a true piece of art. Sharon, we cannot thank you enough for the absolutely beautiful Kitty Angel urn and even more than that, for the friendship that has developed through this sad time in our lives. With love, Joe and Marlene Daniels"


Dear Sharon,

The pics are beautiful and friends that have seen it just think your work is outstanding. Thanks so very much.


With love,



Sir Alec Guiness


In honor of Snickers, Eli, and Elsa - all three passed on to their next journey within a short time of each other....






I just wanted to let you know that Winston's Urn is beautiful. I put his ashes in and we sealed it last night. It is so special to me. Thank you so much.





Winston (picture 1) and Big brother Oliver with Winston as a kitten (picture 2)



A Tribute to

Kathy Delong

A short while ago I was approached by a client, Karen, who asked for my help in creating an urn for her kitty, Jopi.  She asked if I would be willing to work with her in creating the urn based on another artist's work whose name was, Kathy Delong.  I came to find out that Kathy had recently passed, and so was no longer available to help her. 

Basically, Karen wanted me to recreate an urn that would match the one that Kathy had done for her kitty, Haley.  I embraced the opportunity to push my creativeness, as this was not the style I was used to working in. 


Although I never knew her, I did have one contact with her.  It was an email from her years ago when I was first getting started as a web presence.   And now years later, a client of hers contacts me for help in recreating her work.  This, in and of itself,  to me, is an amazing coincidence.  By being open to this, I had a truly wonderful experience, and an opportunity to honor Kathy also.  I actually think in some ways, she was right there soldering with me .


This was the style created in honor of artist Kathy Delong...

Jopi's Urn  - Sharon Long


Karen's Comments:

"Hi Sharon – I picked up Jopi’s urn this morning at the post office, it is even more stunning in person than in the photos - I cried when I saw it! Thank you so very much for your kindness, beautifully detailed work, willingness to design the urn I was asking for, and for creating a lovely final resting place for Jopi. I absolutely love it, it honors his spirit so well. "

"Oh Sharon, it’s Perfect!!! I LOVE it, you did an amazing job!!! Thank you SO much!   I honestly gasped when I saw it, it’s lovely."

"I want to thank you again for being open and willing to work on a project based on someone else’s, not all artists would do that and I truly appreciate it."

"I will send pics as soon as I can once he is up on my mantle with Haley. "

"Thank you so much,


Haley's Urn  - Kathy Delong










Athene's urn is bee-aauuu-tiii-fuuuul.   :)))))))))))))))

Thankyou thankyou thankyou.

She loves it, I can feel it."

 - Adria




"Okees's urn is beautiful.   Thanks so much for doing this..."

- Karen & Tommy






    "Betsy's urn has arrived and it is sooooo BEAU-TI-FUL!!!!!  .

     ....the colors are perfect; her painting is perfect...I can't say enough about it's beauty and the feeling  of Betsy from it.   Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

    Sharon, you have been with me through this whole thing and a great support during this time in my life, and I am eternally grateful to you."

    – Brenda Edwards




"I received the urns today.   They are even more beautiful than I

imagined.  I can't express to you how happy I am with your work.  The

colors are perfect!   You did such an amazing, fantastic job and please

tell the portrait artist how the paintings really capture Duke and

Furnie's spirits .  Sometimes pictures don't portray the essence of

pets, but these ones really do. And so do the urns themselves.

Everything came together so nicely!  I was expecting the portraits to

Be more generic but they aren't at all.  Wow!  These urns are SO beautiful

and I love them so much.  They look really great side-by-side, too.  I

love the colors we picked.  I'm so happy!!!!!!!! Sharon, you are such an

amazing artist, the detail on the urns is beautiful, you are very skilled and creative. 

I told you my ideas, but you really gave them life.

Thank you so much, I am so pleased.   The urns give me a very comforting

sense of closure,  Duke and Furknick finally have their resting places.

I'll get your check in the mail tomorrow.

(((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) "

- "Pam and Angels Duke and Furknick, who are proud to have their cremains in such beautiful urns."


"Max's urn looks so beautiful.   I love it. The three butterflies look so pretty and I think the candle glowing will be very spiritual and healing.  I can't thank you enough for being there and creating such a lovely environment for Max - my beautiful Golden Retriever.    Take good care of yourself and know that I think of you often & your compassion at a time when I needed the caring so much. I am glad that we continued to be friends. "

"To everything Golden,"

 - Jo-Ann


Momma Cat's Urn

"I want blue, to remind me of how Mama cat would only drink water from the bathroom sink faucet. Purple to remind me of how she healed my aching heart. Red for the love we gave each other and Green to remind me of her beautiful eyes."

Thank you again for your sweet spirit and the beautiful talent that you have chosen to share with me in creating Momma Cat's urn.”

– Michelle Lee


"Oh Sharon, I love it!!    I can't thank you enough for making it so special for my Jake.   It's truly him!!  It has something playful about it just like Jake and the colors are perfect.    I'm off to work to show it to everyone there.  I am thrilled.     My boy will finally be in his perfect resting place.  "

 "I feel at peace knowing that Jake will be with me in his beautiful resting place forever. "

- Karen


Jake's Page

Zinki's Story


                        "Journey's End"



I received the urn this morning.  Thank you so much!  It's so beautiful.  I have it sitting here on my desk.  A few people have stopped by my office and said how much they like it!  I showed it to Greg and I think he wants one.  I'm going to make copies of your brochure and give it out to my friends at Snowflake Rescue too, if you don't mind! 

My solace is that my baby's soul is now unfettered by an underdeveloped body and has eyes to view the beauty of the world from above"                                        - Marie Guziejka

"Thanks, Sharon, for helping us to honor Blondie's spirit...  I can't say enough about the finished piece of artwork.  

- Dave & Brenda

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