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The Inspiration

"Sometimes in life, a special soul crosses one's path..."

Fat Cat came to me about 28 years ago when, while playing with a friend's new kittens, this pumpkin-pie-colored fuzz ball chose me to take care of him. He came to me at a terribly sad time in my life and, in reality, gave me something to live for. As the years went by, we bonded completely with each other.

Our life together was full of much fun. 

I knew some day he would have to leave me, and dreaded having to deal with that time. It happened on May 7, 1998. It has come and gone now and I never imagined what great pain and sadness I would come to feel. It still hurts and I'll never forget him but I am so thankful for the years I had with him.

I have selected some pictures of my special friend to share with you.


"This is the Life!"

This is my favorite picture of Fat Cat and it's one that my sister took while visiting at my family's cabin. Fat Cat had been feverishly rolling around in the leaves and totally enjoying himself when he paused, just for a moment, and stared right into the camera with this look of complete and utter satisfaction on his face. I like to picture him in this way now and hope that he feels like this wherever he is, and whatever he's doing, because I know his spirit is still alive. 


"I Don't Think So..."

This is Fat Cat on the living room couch and in his prime! He was about 25 lbs... at this point, and pretty much did whatever he wanted. He usually got whatever he wanted from me but would always reciprocate with so much purring and cuddling that I almost couldn't deny him anything.

(Not that I spoiled him or anything!)


"I Love You, Goodbye"

This picture was taken about two weeks before Fat Cat passed when I had some family members over to, in essence, say "Goodbye". I knew at this point it would not be long and was trying to make the dreaded decision about the inevitable "When?"

My sister took this picture of us as they were walking out the door. Two weeks later he took a turn for the worse and I answered that dreaded Question.


On May 7th 1998 at approximately 4PM, after a day of watching the birds on the terrace and lying in his favorite patch of grass, he passed to another realm.


My work is a tribute and a special memorial to the love I feel for my friend, and I want to share this with others.


He will remain forever in my heart.


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